Photographing Wiltshire 13 October 2020   

RH cherhillClub members and visitors were enthralled by the presentation by fellow member Robert Harvey  BA ARPS EFIAP MCIWEM CSci CEnv. which was based on his latest book ‘Photographing Wiltshire.’
Robert was commissioned by the publishing company ‘fotoVue’ to write and illustrate the Wiltshire edition of the series of books which give information on the photographic opportunities to be found in the county. Lavishly illustrated with over 500 superb images with all the technical information and details of location make this book a must for photographers who live in or are visiting the area.
RH CanalRobert said that he started researching the county when he moved here 20 years ago. The rolling chalk hills, meandering river valleys, ancient woodlands, quaint villages and of course the wealth of ancient monuments all gave him endless photographic opportunities. From well-known attractions such as Stonehenge and Avebury to little known gems that Robert has himself discovered.
Robert has researched in great depth the geology, history and natural history of the county. The wealth of natural habitats gives endless photographic possibilities with some of the best bluebell woods in the country to rare snakeshead fritillaries, impressive fields of poppies, chalk downland flowers and wildflower meadows. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be found in the counties diverse habitats.
RH beechesFrom ancient tracks to modern roads, canals, rivers and the railway have all been explored by Robert giving us new ideas. The wealth of interesting villages and towns make the county a haven for photography. The county has so many quirky features such as the chalk cut horses, the unusual follies and monuments and even the crop circles that the county is famous for!
The book is full of comprehensive information on how to find the best viewpoints, the best time of day, the best season and even the best days to take the most impressive photographs. In one instance there are only two short periods in a year when the rising sun lines up with the Caen hill flight of locks so photographers taking his advice, get to the exact spot to take the image.
Robert advises making use of frost, snow or mist to enhance the landmarks, look out for interesting skies to add interest to a landscape. Using night skies can give a different take on familiar structures and buildings.
What a wonderful county we have with such inspirational locations – whether its grand country houses and gardens, churches and monastic buildings or the wider landscapes with the hilltop beech clumps and ancient monuments. Robert’s images make us realise why he loves his adopted county so much!
Summing up, the club chairman Steve Hardman said what an astonishing amount of detail was in the book and it makes one want to go out and explore more of the county.
Thanks to Robert for giving us such an entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking evening. PM
See the website to obtain your copy of Robert's book.
Images © Robert Harvey