'Show and Tell' 24 November 2020   

GC ElterwaterMembers were invited to send in some of their images so that they could explain where and why they took the photograph and ask fellow members for comments.Ten club members sent in some of their images and asked for suggestions about any improvements that could be made. The idea was mainly to review members landscape images taken during the year but there were also some other types of image that members sought opinions on. Would the image look better with some areas cropped or would the image display better as a monochrome image? There was a discussion about how far to take HDR to improve the image or can it go too far and look unrealistic?
MB woodsOf course member’s opinions differed so this brought about some interesting debate and maybe this gave the photographers some new ideas. It is good to get the views of others  but in the end it is a matter of personal taste and the photographers have to decide themselves how best to present their images.

Many of the photographs featured the lovely autumn colours including a selection from Megan Boardman who has been exploring local woods and looking for interesting compositions amongst the trees. Also looking out for the colours found on the trees was Marlis Rawlins who made visits to several areas to find interesting viewpoints.
Frank Collins showed some of his images taken recently on the Cornish coast and explained that the lighting conditions were often not ideal. Also in some cases he would have preffered to have taken the image at a different time of day if it had been possible. 
Some well-lit fungi images taken by Tony Leach on a photography course were discussed and he also showed some impressive landscapes taken in the Lake District.
TL Kimmeridge
Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB EFIAP showed some of her landscapes taken on her travels in the past to Spain, the Outer Hebrides and an obliging Egyptian Goose posing for her in South Africa.
Tim Tapley LRPS usually specialises in close up images of local wildlife but wanted to see what members thought of several of his landscapes which he had almost forgotten about. A colourful view of the river in Bath, a ‘surprised’ castle in France, the Caen Hill locks and a pastoral scene of sheep with Edington Priory in the background.
Gerald Clarke showed some of the images taken on a photography course using light painting to illuminate features at night and an image taken on the Dorset coast.

Bridget Codrington asked for member’s views on several images including a Dorset river scene featuring a ruined mill with members giving some ideas on cropping. Interesting images were shown by Lynda Croft including a still life that she had set up.
Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP had of course been out and about during the summer and had some interesting images to show including one of Clevedon Pier and images taken on a visit to the Lake District.
Probably some of the images shown during the evening will appear in club competitions so members can then hear the views of the judges.
Steve Hardman summed up the evening saying it had been an interesting debate and it confirmed how good the club member’s images are.
Thanks was given to those who put up their images for comment and to Dave Eagle for running the Zoom meeting. PM

 Images: Westwoods by Megan Boardman   Elterwater by Tony Leach   Kimmeredge Bay, Dorset  by Gerald Clarke