Projected Image Competition (Print 1) 1 December 2020   

DE Power PerformanceThis competition should have been the first print competition of the year but because of restrictions it had to be changed to Projected Images with the judge giving his comments and the results to members using Zoom. The judge was John Taylor who said that he was fairly new to judging and he said that he felt that his comments should helpful, supportive and positive. He felt that club photography should be fun and not taken too seriously. John said that the images entered were very interesting and that it is not easy to judge one image against another when there was such a wide range of subjects. In many cases John gave his views about cropping parts of the image which he felt were unnecessary and detracted from the image. Some images John said that in his opinion were rather cluttered and the main subject not obvious and that he preferred the rather simpler images. He looked for good composition often with leading lines that guided the eye to the subject.
Starting with the 33 entries in the Beginners section the judge gave his detailed comments on each one. John went ‘wow’ when he came to ‘Power Performance’ by David Evans. That image really shows the power of the jet aircraft in flight and the lighting is excellent and he awarded it a well-deserved first place. Another image by David also impressed the judge – this time a portrait of a young lady titled ‘Feather in my Hat’. The eyes engaged with the photographer and there was great detail so it was awarded second place.
A delightfully simple image by Megan Boardman gained third place in the section. The early morning start rewarded the photographer with an excellent image titled ‘Cygnet in Early Morning Light’ with good detail in the feathers and a very nice reflection. Two photographs of fungi by Tony Leach gained Highly Commended. A very simple shot taken in Iceland by Lynda Croft and a Puma by Penny Clarke also gained HC’s.
PS Portland BillNext came the Intermediate section with a seascape catching the judges eye. ‘Portland Bill Sunrise’ by Pete Souster was a stunning shot with the sea crashing on the rocks and the lighthouse to draw he eye and the judge gave it first place. Another seascape by Pete this time a monochrome also impressed with its simplicity so ‘Silver Seas’ was places third.
Second place went to an image of a colourful fungi by David Eagle. The judge said that David’s ‘Fly Agaric with Climbing Rope’ was well seen with good lighting. Finally, a close up of a rat by Steve Hardman titled ‘Unwelcome Visitor’ was awarded an HC.
SW One Tree HillAfter a short break the judge went on to comment on the entries in the Advanced section. Again simple but effective images caught John’s eye with ‘One Tree Hill’ by Sue Wadman awarded first place. There were just 3 elements – a tree, blue sky and a ploughed field. The judge said it was very well balanced with the tree on the thirds and a good lead in line. Sue also impressed with ‘Peeping out of the Fog’ this time an early morning shot with a good balance between the spire of a church and a group of trees. Sue also did well with her image of one of the statues on Crosby beach with a delightful sky and it gained an HC.
In third Place was ‘Hadrians Wall’ by Dave Gray which the judge said was taken from just the right viewpoint. The eye follows the line of the wall towards the distant hills and the sky. Highly commended’s were awarded to Frank Collins, Tim Tapley LRPS and Pam Mullings.
Congratulations to all.
Chairman Steve Hardman summed up saying the club had a very talented bunch of photographers. He thanked the judge for his comments and said that the ‘crop tool’ was an important aid to improving the balance of images. PM
Competition results         All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries