Projected Image League 5 January 2021   

RH SunflowersThe first club competition of 2021 was rather different this time – not only a virtual competition as we have become used to, but instead of members all using pencil & paper to vote it was all very cleverly done with a click on our own screen and some clever software!
Members are asked to score each set entered out of ten taking into account how they look as a set of 5 images, the quality of each image and how well they all the images fit the set title.
There were 54 sets entered altogether from 18 members who were each required to enter 3 sets. Frank Collins set out the guidelines and a demo set was shown so that members could try out the on line voting system. It was suggested that it would take an exceptional set to warrant the top score of 10 but none the less several sets achieved this high score. Thumbnails of the whole set were shown and then each of the 5 separate images then members had to give their own score. After members had voted for each set the results were shown and we could see the range of votes. It was interesting to note that scores for some sets ranged from 4 up to 10 showing a big difference in how members regarded those sets and how very much opinions can vary!
DW hareThere was a large range of subjects entered with as usual wildlife and landscape photographs dominating but there were also some rather unusual subjects that members had dreamed up. Who would have thought images of padlocked gates, traffic lights, heirlooms, or vintage car steering wheels could make such interesting sets! We also had pilots waving from aircraft, laughing animals, slices of fruit and even ‘slightly flighty’ portraits.
Members gave their points out of 10 for each of the sets except their own and the scores were averaged – then each entrants 3 scores were added to give the results.
For the third time in a row Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP won the competition and the Hewitt Cup, this time with landscape images of the Cornish coast, Savernake forest and Wiltshire fields. One of the images from the set showing a field of sunflowers of is shown above.
SH gannetIn second place with delightful images of hares and red squirrels as well as autumn scenes was David Wilkinson. Third place went to Club Chairman Steve Hardman with images of the isle of Skye, monkeys and gannets.
Peter Souster, Pam Mullings and Dave Gray were awarded Highly Commended for their sets.
The individual set with the highest score was ‘Hares’ by David Wikinson, ‘Just White’ by Pam Mullings was second favourite and the set ‘Red Squirrels’ by Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB EFIAP was placed third.
It takes a lot of time and trouble to find all the images and put 3 sets together so many thanks to members who entered.
Another very succesful and interesting evening showing the great talents of club members.

Very special thanks to David Eagle who not only collected up and put together all 54 sets for the competition but also sorted out so successfully the software that allowed the scores and results to be shown so well. Thanks also the Frank Collins, David Wilkinson and Gerald Clarke who verified the scores. PM

See the top sets as scored by members