Competition 1 - Open Projected Images 5 October 2021   

The club’s first competition of the season was a bit of a technical challenge as some members were ‘live’ in the clubroom, some were watching from home on zoom and the judge was in Skye! The computer, projector and sound equipment all had to be tied up together but luckily, thanks to the tech guys who set it up, it all worked well with only a few minor glitches.
The judge was the very experienced Rob Ryan FRPS FPSA who had cast his very astute eye over all the entries. Rob started by saying how uses 10 key issues to assess each image – exposure, focus, composition, light, depth of field, colour, technique, narrative, creativity and the ephemeral overall impact. The first seven are usually fairly straight forward for photographers to check but the last three are where images have to try to convey those properties in their images for the judge. The result is subjective and judges each have their own ideas on the worthiness of each image for an award.
BJ GallopsThe evening started with the Beginners section which includes members new to club competitions. Many of these members have probably had a lot of photographic experience but having someone looking closely at their images and pointing out the good and sometimes not so good points is often a new experience!
After giving his comments on all the entries the judge went on to give the awards. In first place was a creative image by Barbara Jones titled ‘The Gallops’. The image of a horse and rider had been given a toned monochrome appearance which the judge said was atmospheric and gave a sense of movement. In second place was ‘Through the Essess’ by Dave Johnson which again showed a good sense of movement but this time a racing motor bike. It had a strong composition and the angle of gave a sense of the speed. In third place was another image by new member Dave – this time a well-executed still life. The focus and colour was excellent and the objects formed a triangle which gave a good strong composition.
BC ShadesFour members were awarded Highly Commended – Adam Woodhouse for a mono image and Gina Gordon for a simple flower image also Gerald Clarke for two butterfly images
The judge commented that the background spoilt many otherwise good images by being too intrusive or not complimenting the subject so he advised ‘think background as much as foreground’
Members who had previously gained enough points in the Beginners section are promoted to Intermediate and it was those entries that were projected next.
The judge had to make a difficult final choice as his favourite images were all very different.
The first place was given to a really superb still life titled ‘Shades of Red’ by Bridget Codrington. An excellent well lit arrangement of interesting objects with great colours. In second place came a creative image ‘Zebras’ by Penny Clarke which the judge said that was an intriguing manipulation which gave the impression of how a predator might get confused by the mammal’s stripes. In third place was a well taken interior shot showing a solitary statue titled ‘Contemplation’ by Wendy Weller. 
Highly Commended’s went to Liz Bates and Bridget Codrington, Richard Blackbourne gained two HC's with very different images .
PM BonnetsFinally, after a short break the Advanced section was projected with a wide range of interesting, well photographed subjects.
The judges eye was taken by a creative image ‘Granny’s Bonnets’ by Pam Mullings and gave it first place. The judge liked the way the delicate blue aquilegia flowers were arranged against a textured, colour toned background. Second place went to a completely different type of image – this time ‘Winter Woodland’, a delightful woodland scene by Martin Stokes with its atmospheric depiction of the snow gently descending on some ancient forest trees. Third place went to an extreme nature close-up by Tim Tapley. The judge commented that ‘Misumena vatia’ showed this tiny crab spider ready to pounce as it hid in a flower was a remarkable image.
Tim Tapley and Martin Stokes also were awarded HC’s. An amusing, creative image by Robin Gregory, a simple seascape by Sue Wadman and an evocative woodland scene by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP were also awarded HC’s.
Thanks to all those that entered and gave us such an interesting evening.
Thanks to Rob for looking at all the entries and for giving such helpful comments. All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries and it will show the wide range of images that Rob thought worthy of awards.
Summing up David Wilkinson said he hoped all members will have learned something from the excellent critique. PM

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