Capture the Moment 5 April 2022   

The presentation tonight was on Zoom and Mike Bennett LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3 gave his thoughts on his approach to photography. Mike likes to challenge himself and he says he ‘will have a go’ at any photographic genre. We saw some of his interesting sport images where he got shots of the action on the field and track. One of the challenges he set himself was to get nature images of birds and butterflies in flight and he showed some well caught images. He likes to set himself projects and has photographed the smoked fish industry near Grimsby where he lives, the casting of iron, an old railway and many more local industries.
shipMike has an interest in Street photography and showed a range of images taken of people as they went about their life unaware that they were being photographed. Many images were in monochrome which suited the lone people, old buildings and cobbled streets. Mike looks for light and shadow and many images had the subject caught in a shaft of light. Particularly moving was a sequence of mono images taken in Hull which were put together in an AV titled ‘Northern City and set to ‘Sound of Silence’ by Disturbed.

Mike showed some portraits of interesting faces with the models often in period dress and he showed how he sometimes changes the background to suit the characters. A range of creative images was shown wherehe had used software to add textures and overlays.

Finally Mike showed how he had created the image of a trawler which looked as if it had been taken in a raging storm at sea. Mike showed how he cleverly put together the composite image. When photographed the ship was moored in calm water but using layers, a stormy sky was added as a background and then turbulent waves to complete the effect in the foreground. The secret is to make all the layers blend seamlessly, add texture and give an overall colour hue to create a realistic looking scene.
Mike was thanked for showing the club his wide range of images. PM
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