Open Projected Image Competition 3  

PE bristolThe seventy-six entries in the third Open PI competition of the 2021-22 season were judged by Peter Crane ARPS. Peter commented before he started giving his critique that judging is always subjective and an image that one judge gives a top award, might only be given a low score by different judge. He said that the range and standard of the entries was high which made it difficult for him as there are only a set number of awards allowed for each section.

Starting with the 28 entries in the Beginners section Peter commented on each one, pointing out the good aspects as well as any minor faults. Placed first was ‘Bristol Harbour, Waterside Reflections’ by Peter Evans. This delightful image showed the colourful reflection of a child as she played inside the water installation. A nature image was in second place ‘Solitary Rook’ by Richard Jones was a well captured, sharp image of a wild bird. In third place was as image by Adam Woodhouse of a dog waiting for its ball to be thrown, aptly titled ‘Eyes on the Prize’. The judge awarded Highly Commended to 6 more of the images in the section including Scottish landscapes, a biker and an African waterhole.
RB nuthatch
Next Peter gave his critique on the 18 images in the Intermediate section. A nature image again took the judges eye, this time a well caught sharp image of a ‘Nuthatch’ by Richard Blackbourne. The bird was well placed on a mossy branch against a muted background. In second place was another dog image titled ‘Anticipation’ by David Evans. In third place was something very different ‘Office Block at Sunset’ also by David showed a city- scape with windows reflecting many colours. Three more images were awarded Highly Commended including an impressive portrait of a snow leopard.

After a short break Peter gave his comments on the 30 images entered in the Advanced section.
CW glacierWith an amazing range of landscapes many of which were taken by members on a recent visit to Iceland and some impressive nature images it must have been difficult for the judge to pick a winner. The image chosen was ‘Through the Glacier’ by Caroline Wright which was an unusual shot from inside an Icelandic ice cave showing the interesting patterns in the ice. Second place went to something entirely different with a creative image of butterflies flying out of a book. ‘Flight to Freedom’ was by Pam Mullings. Third place went to another of the Icelandic images ‘Ice on Diamond Beach’ by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP showing the colours in the floating ice. Six more images were picked out for HC’s including several snowy scenes, an Icelandic aurora, a macro insect and a leaping dog.

Thanks to Peter for his excellent critique and to competition secretary Dave Eagle for compiling and projecting the entries. Thanks to all the members who entered such an interesting range of images and many congratulations to the winners.

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