Out & About with the Club  
CW Cardinal BeetleDuring the summer break the club is still very active. Members have been visiting a variety of places to enjoy taking photographs together & visiting new places.
The latest trip was to Clevedon Pier to photograph the Sunset 0n 30 June.
CW LADYBIRD LARVAEAnother trip was to Langford Lakes.
10 members met up to photograph the wildlife, birds and invertebrates found at this Wiltshire Wildlife Trust site near Wylye. We were guided by our very own Tim Tapley who shared not only his extensive knowledge of the species found there, but also how to best photograph them. He spent much of the morning helping us to explore the small bugs and insects found on the main path that runs through the site. With his help we found an array of small insects that we would usually have walked past. It was a fantastic experience and I for one have certainly discovered a whole new view of wildlife. We finished the visit with a trip to the Kingfisher Cafe for lunch and cakes.CW

Photos- Ladybird Larvae & Cardinal Beetle taking Flight by Caroline Wright
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Photos below by Dave Gray- Thick-legged Flower Beetle, Red-tipped Clearwing Moths, Four-spot Chaser
DG thick legged flower beetleDG red tipped clear wing mothDG four spot chaser