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Please check your entries carefully and send in by the collection date stated unless otherwise informed.
Experienced club members will give help, advice and information - just ask!

For competition queries - please  check the information links above or contact Competition Secretary
Please note All print & PI entries must be marked T or C (for Traditional or Creative)  details
Please check that your image files are correctly sized & titled before you send. 
Wrongly titled entries could be rejected from the competition
Please click the links above for more information about entering Projected Images, Prints & Annual Competitions
Club Competitions 2020-2021
Competition   Final
Entry Date
 Theme Entries
      Please make sure your entries are correctly sized, titled & follow all the rules for the competition
 Projected Image 1 Open  8 September 2020  Open    3 PI's  29 September  John Hudson
 Annual Nature Competition  29 September 2020  Nature  3 PI's  20 October  Ralph Snook
 Projected Image 2 Open  20 October 2020  Open  3 PI's  10 November  Robert Phelps
 Print 1 Open  10 November  Open  3 Prints  01 December  John Taylor
 Christmas Knock-out  Open  01 December  Open  up to 4 PI's  15 December  Club Members
 Projected Image League Open  15 December  Open  3 sets each of 5 images  05 January  Club Members
 Annual Monochrome Competitions  05 January 2021  Open  3 prints 3 PI's  26 January  Sandie Cox
 Annual Landscape Competitions  26 January  Landscape  3 prints 3 PI's  16 February  Peter Orr
 Close-up/macro  & Creative  16 February 2021  Open &  Creative  3 PI's for each  09 March  Clive & Joan Rathband
 Print 2 Open  09 March  Open  3 Prints  23 March  Mike Hendon
 Projected Image 3 Open  23 March  Open  3 PI's  13 April  Clive Greenland
 Print & PI of the Year  n/a  n/a  1st,2nd & 3rd places images only  04 May  Adrian Herring