Creative and Audio-Visual Competitions
Creative Photography Competition:  The Demiurgic Trophy, donated by Rod Stowell, will be awarded for best Creative Photography Image.
Members may submit up to 3 Projected Images for this competition.
Rule 1 - Creative Photography shall be defined as 'The use of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the photographer to make a personal photographic statement.  The photographer should seek to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer.  It should be the input of the photographer which makes the description of creative, appropriate.'
Rule 2 - All elements of a creative photographic image for this competition must be derived from the photographic images of the maker.
Rule 3 - In the interest of stimulating new work, it is a requirement for this competition that the base photographic image should have been taken within the last two years, and that any image, whether in original state or modified, which has been entered into any Club competition previously will not be eligible.
Rule 4 - Any Nature image that would be eligible for the Club's Nature Competitions (see Rule 5.1) is not eligible for this competition.