Landscape Competition Information

Please note - The 2021 Landscape Competition will be for PI's only.
All images must have been taken in the British Isles

- The Silver Birches Trophy will be awarded annually for the best Landscape print taken anywhere in the world. Each member may submit up to 3 prints. Print information

Projected ImagesThe Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy will be awarded annually for the best Landscape projected image taken within the British Isles.
Each member may submit up to 3 projected images. Projected Image Information

Please read the following Landscape rules carefully before entering

Rule 1 - Landscape shall be defined as 'an extensive area of natural scenery'.
Rule 2 - The British Isles requirement for the Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy is a geographic term, and includes Ireland, the many off-shore islands and also, by tradition, the Channel Islands.
Rule 3 - The title of the entry must include an indication of the location of the landscape.
Rule 4 - The emphasis is on 'Natural Scenery', although for these purposes, reservoirs and artificial lakes, managed woodland, ploughed/cultivated fields etc are included in the term 'Natural'.  Man made/built structures are also acceptable provided they are depicted in their natural setting.  Such structures should not be the main subject of the image.
Rule 5 - Digital adjustments to selectively lighten or darken areas of the picture, change contrast and colour saturation, change colour balance, together with High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing, are allowed.  Stitching together multiple images of the same scene to create a panorama is also allowed.
Rule 6 - The essential integrity of the scene must be maintained, and the making of physical changes to the landscape by digital means is prohibited.  It must be possible to go to the location and see the scene exactly as it appears.  Thus trees, fences, telegraph poles and other permanent structures must not be removed or added.  Additionally it is not permitted to use a sky from another picture/location.
Rule 7 - It is however legitimate to remove 'transient' elements of human origin from the scene, notably people, vehicles, boats, aircraft and vapour trails, since this does not detract from the principle of being able to go to the location and see the scene exactly as it appears.
Rule 8 - Entries will be subject to scrutiny by the Competition Secretary and two other well informed people to determine their eligibility under the above definitions.  Members will be informed if an entry cannot be accepted and given the opportunity to substitute where possible.
Rule 9 - In order that the Competition Secretary can check eligibility of entries for the annual landscape competitions under rule 5.3.1, entrants are required to send or give to the competition secretary by the closing date a list of their entries in numbered order for the purpose of Rule 1.14, stating the title and the location at which they were taken (place, county and country).  If an entry is deemed ineligible for the competition, the competition secretary shall endeavour to inform the entrant in time for a replacement entry to be submitted.

Please note - Competition Sections do not apply to this Competition
The Judge will assess and be asked to comment on each image separately
The Judge will be asked to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
The judge may award as many Highly Commended's as merit it.
The total awards to be not more than one third of the entries.
Points will be awarded as follows;- First Place – 6 points, Second Place – 5 points, Third place – 4 points, Highly Commended – 2  points

Bonus points will be awarded to those in Beginners and Intermediate sections.
1st, 2nd & 3rd - 2 bonus points. Highly commended - 1 bonus point.